Osiris 2

Osiris 2

Spontaneous ventilation with pressure support



Size (L x H x D) : 250 x 210 x 170 mm

Weight : 5 kg

Gas consumption of unit itself : 1 L/min

Pneumatic supply : 2.8 to 6 bar

Internal power supply : NiCd battery pack

Battery autonomy : 10 h

Time to charge battery : 10 h

AC/DC mains power supply adapter :

Input : 230V/50Hz

Output : 15V/6W

CMV-ACMV peak flowrate : 100 L/min

PS-PEEP peak flowrate : 130 L/min



Equipped with the following accessories:

- Patient circuit: silicone tube, control tube, 3-way valve, bracelets

- Adult mask

- Child mask

- Transportation bag

- NiCd battery

- Mains power supply pack

- Oxygen supply hose



Our equipment is compact, lightweight, with an important electrical autonomy and a fast battery charge. Moreover, internal oxygen consumption is extremely low. User friendly interface gives access to different settings such as integrated PEEP, alarms and ventilation modes.

The Osiris range can be used during emergency, recovery phase and transport in and between hospitals. In addition, it’s very resistant to mechanical shocks due to its ABS casing.

Our comprehensive offer includes a complete accessories range and particularly reusable and disposable patient circuits.


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