DUS 8 Ecograph with Trolley with 14'' Display - 2 Probe Connections

DUS 8 Ecograph with Trolley with 14'' Display - 2 Probe Connections

DUS 8 Ecograph with Trolley with 14'' monitor - Software & LDR940 probe included - 8 levels TGC adjustment


Monitor: 14’’ non-interlaced progressive scanning black and white monitor

Resolution: 800×575 pixels

Display Modes: B, B+B, 4B, B+M, and M

Image Gray Scale: 256 levels

Image Magnification: ×1.0, ×2.0,×3.0, ×4.0 in real time

Saving Image: JPEG: 1000 frames; or BMP: 128 frames

Focus position: 16 levels to adjust

Focus number: Max. 4

Software packages: Abdomen, obstetrics, small parts, gynecology, orthopedics, cardiology, and urology.

B-mode Measurement: Distance, circumference, area, volume, ratio, % stenosis, and angle

M-mode Measurement: Distance, time, slope, heart rate (2 cycles)

Annotations: Patient name, age, sex, time, date, hospital name, doctor name, comment (full-screen character editing).

Accessories Included :

1 CONVEX probe LDR940

1 cable

1 ground cable

2 fuses (520, T1.6AL/250V)

1 gel pack of 250ml

1 instruction manual

1 installation guide.

CINE Review Playback: 204 frames

Depth Shift: B, B+B, 4B, B+M, M-modes in real time, in increments of 10 mm

Frame Correlation Coefficient: 8 levels to adjust (0~7), (B, B+B, 4B, B+M-modes, ineffective when freezing)

Image Conversion: Up/Down flip, Left/Right flip

Acoustic power: 16 levels to adjust (0~15)

Dynamic range: 35dB~65dB (16 levels, in 2 dB increments)

Body Mark: > 80 types

USB port: USB 1.1

Power supply: a.c. 100~240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 120VA

Main unit dimensions: 530x700x1300 mm

Weight: Approx. 33 Kg

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