One Thermosealing Machine

One Thermosealing Machine

Thermosealing Machine new generation



Width : 460 mm

Height : 170 (240 large roll) mm

Depth : 400 mm

Weight : 8 kg

Temperature electronic control: 160°C ±5°C

Power supply: 230V ~ ±10% D

Phases: 1 + neutral

Power frequency: 50÷60 HzWeight: 8 kg

Voltage: 230V-50/60 Hz

Sealing width: 12mm

Sealing length: 320mm

Roll holder length: 420mm

Temperature electronic control.

It reduces the sealing time and it check the sealing quality.

Paper easy to insert.

The paper type can be selected, have a look on product AMS - Z

Sealing band of 12 mm

Sealing bar : 32 cm

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