Shoe Coating Orma

Shoe Coating Orma

Electrical Shoe Cover


Width : 800 mm

Height : 330 mm

Depth : 445 mm

Weight : 21 Kg

Level over ground : 20 mm

Film-feading time : 4 sec.

Shaping time : 2 sec.

Power max. : 1 300 W

Start Preheating Time : 3 min.

Voltage/Frequency : 230±10 % VAC

Hot Standby power : 75 W

Highest temperature of heater : 250°

Device for shoe coating Mod. ORMA

The surgical protocols require the adoption of PPE (personal protective equipment) to be used by operators and patients.

Among the devices that can be used, shoe coating have the specific task of isolating the shoes, which for obvious reasons can “carry” infectious materials.

Under normal ambulatory medical activities, the patient is undergoing surgery or invasive therapies, without undressing therefore they must equip themselves with some protective tools, like shoe coating.

The fitting of shoes is a normal manual operation but for different categories of people, causes discomfort and requires a tedious physical effort.

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