AsPIMED 2.5 16l/mn Portable Surgical Suction Unit

AsPIMED 2.5 16l/mn Portable Surgical Suction Unit

Portable Surgical Suction Unit ABS Frame 2.5 16l/mn

Easily transportable, the Aspimed Portable Suction Unit is particularly suitable for emergency, hospital wards and home therapy uses and any place where a safe service independent form mains is required.



1000cc tank

Compressor: rotative,

Maximum aspiration flow: 20l/mn,

Power absorption: 20VA,

Dimensions: cm27x21x22h,

Weight: 3,55kg,

Maximum suction: -0,75 bar,

Power supply: 230V / 50Hz /12VDC,

Continuous use with rechargeable battery,

High vacuum-low flow.


Accessories included :

filter autoclavable,

1000cc polycarbonate thank with anti- overflow valve,

silicone tubes, tube connector,

CH20 nelaton probe,

jar cap with anti overflow float,

car-plug cable.

The Aspimed Portable Suction Unit is meant to be used especially for the aspiration of body fluids such as mucus and catarrh.

Three luminous LEDs on the front panel indicate: aspirator operating status, battery recharge status, battery charge status.

The 1 litre polycarbonate jar comes with a valve preventing liquids or secretions from reaching the pump and can be autoclaved.

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