Electric Suction Unit Laerdal LSU

Electric Suction Unit Laerdal LSU

Electric Suction Unit Laerdal LSU - 25 lpm at 500+ mmHg setting


WEIGHT (including battery) : 4,0 kg

SIZE : W330xH315xD160mm


PATIENT SUCTION TUBING (non-sterile) : 8mm inside diameter, 150cm length


Electrically powered medical suction equipment for field and transport use, according to ISO 10079-1:1999.

High vacuum/high flow.

Not suitable for use in the presence of flammable liquids or gases.

Internally powered/class II equipment type BF, according to IEC 601-1:1988.

Protection class IP34D splashproof, according to IEC 529:1989.

In compliance with EN 1789:1999.


The LSU features industry first device diagnostics, a "no-tools" replaceable battery, built-in charger, an integrated

vacuum regulator/power knob and a "rugged" bump proof / splashproof design.

LSU does all this quietly.

The LSU is the only suction unit on the market today with the capability to determine its readiness for use.

The user can test for occlusions, vacuum build-up efficacy, maximum achievable vacuum level, air leakage and

battery charge status.

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