Surgical Suction Aspimed 3.4 : 90l/mn

Surgical Suction Aspimed 3.4 : 90l/mn

With Wheels, ABS Frame


Power supply: 230V, Frequency: 50Hz,

Absorption power: 200VA,

Maximum vacuum: -0,9 bar,

Maximum aspiration flow: 90l/mn (direct measure on aspiration inlet),

Weight: 20kg,

Dimensions: 65x55x45cm,

REF. ISO 1079-1

high vacuum-high flow


Accessories included:

Antibacterial, hydrophobic filter, aspiration regulator, 2 inserts for jars, 4 antistatic wheels, 2 of which with brake, vacuometer from 0 to -1 bar, 2 2-litre jars, 2 jar caps with anti overflow floats, silicone tubes, tube connectors


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