Duplex® de luxe

Duplex® de luxe

The Riester duplex® de luxe stethoscope with double chest-piece offers acoustics in a class of its own for perfect auscultation.

Riester Stethoscopes – there’s simply more to hear. Since 1948 the name Riester has stood for the highest quality products, wide-ranging experience in development and production and a commitment to constant improvement. Selected materials and first-class workmanship ensure perfect auscultation and outstanding durability.

We shall be pleased to provide more information about the ordering requirements for customer specific models and colours upon request.

  • Considerable acoustic improvement on the basis of intensive development work. Current measurement protocols show: The newest Riester generation of stethoscopes has unique acoustic characteristics in comparison to all other models measured.
  • Large selection: The range extends from the cardiology stethoscope to the nurse’s stethoscope.
  • CNC-produced precision chest-pieces with fibre-reinforced Riester special membranes and particularly flat and soft non-chill rims for improved adaptation on the skin.
  • Extra-soft, replaceable ear-tips with metal screw threadfor comfortable and effective sealing of the external auditory canal.
  • Comfortable and flexible binaural.
  • High quality tube systems with outstanding sound-conducting
  • All Riester stethoscopes are supplied with replacement parts and instructions for use.
  • Latex-free.
  • There is a 24 months guarantee on all Riester stethoscopes.
  • Development and production in Germany.


The Riester duplex® de luxe stethoscope with double chest-piece offers acoustics in a class of its own for perfect auscultation. Theacoustics have been considerably improved. The stethoscope can be used for the diagnosis of adults as well as for children.

  • Double chest-piece made of either stainless steel or pleasantly light aluminium.
  • Special membranes on both sides, Ø 48 mm and 36 mm, with particularly flat and soft non-chill rims for improved adaptation on the skin.
  • Overall length: 77 cm.
  • duplex® de luxe is supplied with two pairs of replacement ear-tips, a replacement membrane each and a name plate.
duplex® de luxe: Frequency analysis

20 Hz – 100 Hz max. 3.9 dB at 100 Hz

100 Hz – 1,500 Hz max. 22.0 dB at 300 Hz


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