Minimus® III

Minimus® III

Aneroid sphygmomanometer : precision and longevity

The embodiment of palm-style blood-pressure measuring technology!

Designed for precision and longevity, minimus®III is provided with a twin tube, a chromium-plated metal housing and a metal valve base. Also optionally available in a latex-free version (when ordering enter LF for latex-free).

  • Latex bulb with chromium-plated air release valve
  • Precision air release valve with fine adjustment and wear-free
  • Microfilter protects air release valve and measuring system
  • Spoon-shaped grip of stainless steel
  • Specially tempered copper-beryllium diaphragm almost non-aging
  • Metal connector for simple and fast changes of cuffs
  • Diaphragm pressure-loading capacity up to 600 mmHg
  • Maximum error tolerance +/- 3 mmHg
  • Linear aluminum scale Ø 49 mm, easily legible up to 300 mmHg
  • In vinyl zipper case
  • Comprehensive selection of different sizes and versions of cuffs


Calibrated nylon velcro cuff, adult

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