Eurosteril® sterilization rolls

Eurosteril® sterilization rolls

Thermal-welding rolls

Thermal-welding rolls made of heavy weight (60g/m2) white medical paper coupled with a light blue polyester/polypropylene layer.

Three sided weldings with impermeable and uniform canals for the highest microbe protection.

The changing chemical color indicators verify the sterilization by steam or EtO gas (ethylene oxide).

Appropriate peeling without the release of paper fibers or laceration of the film at the moment of opening the packaging.

In full compliance with 93/42/EEC and EN 868-1.


cm 5,5 x200 m, carton of 7 rolls

cm 7,5 x 200 m, carton of 5 rolls

cm 10 x 200 m, carton of 4 rolls

cm 15 x 200 m, carton of 2 rolls

cm 20 x 5 x 100 m (folding), carton of 2 rolls

cm 20 x 200 m, carton of 2 rolls

cm 25 x 200 m, 1 roll

cm 30 x 200 m, 1 roll



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