New Generation of Insecticidal Net


Material 100% polyethylene 100% polyester
Yarn 100 deniers

75 deniers

Insecticide (deltamethrin)
4.0 g/kg
2.8 g/kg
Synergist (PBO)
25 g/kg
Mesh Minimum 156 holes/inch2
Available sizes

160x180x150 cm

190x180x150 cm

Available shape Rectangular
Available colour White with blue roof
Packaging Packaged in an oxo-biodegradable plastic bag
Shipping volume
Size 160x180x150 cm
11,400 pcs 20' container
23,100 pcs 40' container
Size 190x180x150 cm 10,300 pcs 20' container
20,900 pcs 40' container

Types of Insecticide Resistance

Resistance in mosquitoes can be due to one or a combination of the following mechanisms:

  • Metabolic resistance (e.g. P450's/ esterases)
  • Altered target-site resistance (e.g. kdr)
  • Behavioral resistance
  • Reduced penetration

Resistance Development

  • Natural selection allows pre-adapted insects with resistance genes to survive and pass on the resistance trait to offspring.
  • As more product is applied, the resistant population keeps increasing while the susceptible individuals are eliminated by the insecticide.
  • The product is eventually no longer effective.
  • Speed of resistance development depends on many factors such as reproduction time, frequency of application of pesticides, and the proportion of susceptible insects.


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