Spirodoc - New concept pocket respiratory laboratory

Spirodoc - New concept pocket respiratory laboratory

One Touch Laboratory for Respiratory Analysis - Two Functional Modes : Doctor and Patient 


Dual modes: patient monitoring and doctor

Unique 3D Oximeter: combines pulse oximetry with motion analysis

Desaturation area related to physical activity

Walked step count, movement and VMU

6 minute walk test with O2-Gap calculation

Rechargeable with lithium batteries

Backlit touchscreen display.

Available options :

Detachable spirometry flowmeter

Telemedicine application

Spirometry features :
Automatically records all trials.
Internal temperature sensor for automatic BTPS conversion.
Advanced spirometry test interpretation.
100% cross contamination free using MIR’s patented disposable turbine.
Reusable turbine for long-term use available on request.

Pulse Oximetry features :
Simple and clear SpO2 and Pulse measurement with pletismographic curve.
Sleep disorder detection with events recording.
Six minute walk test with desaturation area index.
Parameters directly shown on the display (min, max, mean SpO2 and Pulse Rate, Δ Index, T90, T89, T88, T5, ODI, NOD, Desaturation Area etc.).

Telemedicine enabled device with remote diagnosis via web and Bluetooth® connection.

Its innovative functions make it the most unique pocket respiratory laboratory on the market.

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