Spirolab III Oxy

Spirolab III Oxy

Diagnostic spirometer with oximetry option

FVC, VC with breathing pattern plus MVV tests with real time curves

High resolution colour screen
Fast but silent thermal printer
Digital turbine flow meter with guaranteed accuracy in all environmental conditions
PRE-POST bronchodilator comparison
Selectable language and predicted values
Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth® and RS232

Spirometry features

Records best 3 trials.
Up to 8 blows on one screen.
Internal temperature sensor for BTPS conversion.

Finger Oximeter , including winspiroPRO PC

Short or long term (overnight) SpO2 and Pulse Rate measurements.
ODI, NOD, T90%, T89%, T88, T87% 
Sleep oximetry with desaturation events.
Oximetry during exercise test.

Paediatric Incentive NEW

A unique feature within winspiroPRO is a series of amusing user-selectable paediatric incentive screens and animations, which use an algorhythm which takes into account both the expired volume and the flow of the subject.


Spirolab III
winspiroPRO CD
Carrying case


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