Spirobank II Oxy

Spirobank II Oxy

The New Multifunction Spirometer

Not just a spirometer : Walk test and sleep oximetry results directly on the display

Defines what a Pulmonary Mini-Lab can do:

Spirometer with 6000 test memory.
Oximeter with 1000 hours recording.
Stand alone or PC online operation.
Graphic display with user friendly icons.
Patient identification by name or ID code.
Bluetooth® connection to printer or mobile phone.
USB, RS232 and wireless acoustic modem.
Upgradeable internal software via internet.

The most powerful, the most simple:

Spirometry features

Automatically records the best 3 trials.
Internal temperature sensor for automatic BTPS.
Advanced spirometry test interpretation.
Lung age estimation.

SpO2 module with winspiroPRO PC software

Sleep disorder detection with events recording.
Six minute walk test with automatic alarm for rest, walk and recovery.
Parameters directly shown on the display (min, max, mean SpO2 and Pulse Rate, Δ Index, T90, T89, T88,      T5, ODI, NOD, Desaturation Area etc.).

Its innovative functions make it the most unique oximeter on the market


spirobank II base unit
USB cable
Carrying case
Plastic noseclip
4 AAA alkaline batteries
winspiroPRO software CD

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