Cadence II Toca Fetal Monitor LCD 6''

Cadence II Toca Fetal Monitor LCD 6''

Cadence II Toca Fetal Monitor LCD 6'' - Display & Built-in Printer


Dimensions and weight: 300x270x100h - 3,5 kg

Safety: Comply with IEC60601-1, IEC60601-1-2 EN55011, IEC1157,YY0449-2003

Electrical protection :

Class I equipment without internal power supply Protection level: FHR1, FHR2, TOCO, remote maker, fetal stimulator CLASS B

No waterproof

No use with flammable gas presence

EMC: Group I class A

Power supply :

Operating voltage: 100V-240V AC

Line frequency: 50/60 Hz

Pmax: 60VA - Fuse: T1.6AL

Accessories Included :

2 FHR probes,

1 TOCO probe,

1 events marker,

1 elastic band,

1 gel, 1 paper roll ,

1.6a fusible,

1 user manual, 1 cd software, 1 RS232 cable, 1 power cable

Display :

Backlight fluorescent warm cathode

Visual Active: 103.0x79.0H mm ( 320x240 dots)

Resolution: 85 dots per inch

Paper printing speed: 1cm/min, 2cm/min, 3cm/min FHR 7 cm - FHR scaling: 30BPM/cm

TOCO 3,4 cm - TOCO scaling 25%/o,85 cm

Data accuracy: ±5% ( X axis) ±5% ( Y axis)

Record message: DATE , TIME,TOCO type, paper speed, FHR type, PRINT , EVENT MARK SYMBOL, BED N°

Ultrasound channel

Pick detection autocorrelation technique

Impulse repetition: 3.2KHz

Impulse time 114 μs

Ultrasound frequency: 2MHz±10%

Iob<10 mW/cm2

FHR range 50BPM-210BPM

Resolution: 1 bpm - Accuracy: ± 2 bpm


Doppler and Ultrasound

Range: 0-100 (%)

Resolution: 1%

Gain control: Manual/Automatic Marking

Manual fetal movement marking

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