Adult and Pediatric Finger Pulse Oxymeter

Adult and Pediatric Finger Pulse Oxymeter

Simple, small, light-weight (50 gr. with batteries), easy to carry.


SpO2: 0-100 %

Resolution : 1 %

SpO2 accuracy : 80% to 100% ±2

70% to 79% ±3

0%-69%; not specified

Pulse rate : 30-235 bpm

Resolution : 1 bpm

Pulse rate accuracy : 30 ÷100 ±2 bpm, 101÷235±2%

Alarm : low battery indication

Putting the finger in the sensor, the pulse oximeter will give you the oxy- gen saturation and the pulse rate in few seconds.

2 AAA batteries guarantee

30hrs measurements.

A string to carry the device is provided.

Included: instruc- tion manual, batteries. Rubber protective cover (LDR136).

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