NANOXECO : Handheld Pulse Oximeter

NANOXECO : Handheld Pulse Oximeter

The NANOXeco pulse oximeter has everything you expect to see in a handheld device used for spot checks, at an extremely attractive price.

NANOXeco Handheld Pulse Oximeter:

It measures a patient's SpO2 and pulse rate.

The unit uses a two colour display to make it easy for the user to distinguish between oxygen saturation and pulse rate.

The bargraph gives important information about a patient's perfusion at the probe site.

The device works with two AA batteries, alkaline or rechargeable, for more than 15 hours.

If you compare it with other instruments of it's class, the major differences are the large display of Spo2 values in blue colour and the saturation dependent pulse tone. The pulse tone can be switched off also.

The on/off switch of the NANOXeco is seamlessly integrated into the front plate, which makes it very easy and efficient to keep the unit clean.

For documentation purposes, the SpO2 and pulse values are transmitted over an infrared interface during measurement. This data can be used, for example on a PC, for documenting the measurement.

The small size (120x65x22mm) and the low weight of approximately 130g make the NANOXeco one of the most attractive solutions available today.


Measures a patient's SpO2 and pulse rate

Large, bright and easily readable LED displays

Two colored display with pulse bar graph

Online data transmission with an infrared interface

SpO2 dependent pulse tone (muteable)

Contactless on/off switch

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