Medical - Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

Medical - Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

Medical - Pharmaceutical Refrigerators +2° +8° / +8° +15°

Medical-Pharmaceutical Refrigerators :

The Medical-Pharmaceutical Refrigerators are realized in steel epoxy coated white colour, both in-and outside.

We suggest you 8 models with capacities from 260 to 2 100 litres.

All those products are provided with :

  • 2 separate compartments, completely independent between them
  • Triple layers, glass doors with full-height handle
  • 2 levels for the controls, standard and PRO
  • Internal fitting with open wire shelves and mix-up possibility shelves-drawers
  • LED internal lighting
  • Forced-air refrigeration
  • Automatic defrost with evaporation of condensate water

2 choices for the temperature control STANDARD / PRO


Control Panel PRO :

The PRO control panel is an innovative concept of refrigerator’s controller, with its wide LCD display, retro illuminated provide clear written indications (no icon based) of the appliance working status and constantly monitor the internal temperature (with an accuracy of 0,5°C).

Through 4 soft-touchpads buttons allows the complete control of the various setting menus. It signals 8 different alarm conditions granting the maximum safety level for the stored products, alerting the user even in power failure situations thanks to the back-up battery lasting 48h. The total security is completed with the keyboard password protected (with automatic activation) to avoid tampering, from the possibility to remote the signal of the alarm conditions through the NO/NC contact and the RS 485 port (with optional USB module).

The system offers even testing and muting (with automatic re-activation) facilities for the alarms. An internal memory lists the alarm signallings (till 30) granting always the traceability of the storage conditions.


Control panel STANDARD :

The standard control offer a digital read-out and programming of the internal temperature, through the digital display with bright indications, soft-touchpads buttons allows to control and regulation of all the working status. Among the various functions is included a visual and acoustic alarm for temperature deviations and door ajar, buttons safety locking and an auto-test for defective sensors.

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