Safety Syringe with Needle

Safety Syringe with Needle

Hypodermic system with the built-in automatic safety mechanism


1. The figure and injection practice are the same as the traditional syringe.

2. Retracting needle is changeable and is designed for use with Safety Syringe only, thus the syringe has safety function.


1. The safety hypodermic automatically (passively) retracts the canula after use by means of a spring-loaded retraction mechanism which withdraws the needle entirely into the cylinder of the hypodermic. The canula and all blood residues disappear into the cylinder of the hypodermic and everything can then be safely disposed of.

2. The fulfils all requirements of the TRBA 250 and may thus be regarded as a suitable and safe instrument within the meaning of these Regulations. This has been confirmed extensively in an expert study by Germany's Bergisch University at Wuppertal.

3. Safety Syringe assures comfort for the patients. An extremely sharp needle ensures minimum pain and trauma during insertion into the patient's skin tissue.


Water-solubility ink


Non-pyrogenic Sterilization : Ethylene Oxide (EO)

For both syringe and needle, the sterilization period of validity lasts for three years from the sterilization date (batch number).

Syringe & needle : special medical paper and film co-polymer transparent mold, sealed (Conform ISO 11607)

Box of 100 syringes and 100 needles x10 in a carton

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