Roto Track

Roto Track

TractionSystem adapted to the Ischial Support


Serrated traction mechanism and “S” shaped coupler

Supporting feet and ring for the release of the blocking coupler

Four padded support straps for the leg

Strap and ischial padding

Extendable strap for the ankle

Transport bag

Dimensions adult: 205 x 920 x h175 mm [8.07 x 36.22 x h6.88 in]

Dimensions paediatric: 170 x 820 x h65 mm [6.69 x 32.28 x h2.55 in]

Weight adult: 2.1 kg [4.62 lbs]

Weight paediatric: 2 kg [4.40 lbs]

The balance between rigid and soft elements guarantees maximum stability.

The rotation of the sciatic support on the longitudinal axis allows the selection of inclinations that optimize the anatomic position.

Easy to use, safe, robust and comfortable. Roto Track will equip the ambulances of the future.

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