Hospital electric bed, 4 sections

Hospital electric bed, 4 sections

Completely electric, with ABS bed ends, adjustable height, Trendelenburg and reverse movements

Technical features

Main frame made of semi-oval steel tube 50x40 mm. Provided with multifunctional nylon joints at 4 corners for bed ends, I.V. rod or fracture frame easy and fast lock on.

Section frame made of semi-oval steel tube 40x20 mm.

Mattress platform: 3 removable steel welded meshes, locked on special nylon parts and one steel sheet sitting crossbeam, 15 cm width, with holes for air ventilation, body crush-proof during adjustment movements.

Support frame made of semi-oval 50x40 mm, square 30x30 mm and round Ø 32 mm steel tubes with 4 castors Ø 125 mm controlled by a three position foot lever for very easy bed movement: three swivelling and one steering, four swivelling, four braked.

Coating: RAL 1013 ivory epoxy powder (average coating 90 micron, 200°) by industrial robot.

Bed end frame made of anodized aluminium round tube Ø 30 mm, locked on multi- functional nylon joints at main frame 4 corners and removable. Provided with remova- ble thermoformed antistatic ABS panels with ergonomic moulding, for easy and safe handling, and high pressure plastic laminate panels 0,9 mm (light blue, blue, yellow or green colour available). 4 corner bumpers, ivory colour, Ø 140 mm.

Adjustments: height 45-80 cm by electric motor 6000 N, backrest and legrest to any position by 2 electric motors 4000 N each, 220V with low voltage transformer 24V. Provided with handset with explanatory graphics for easy use. Calfrest, Trendelenburg tilt and reverse to any position (max 13° TR head down, max 9° RTR leg down) by fric- tion ratchet with handles on foot side. A bubble level fixed on main frame allows you to quickly check tilt level.

Overall dimensions: 218x101x45/80h cm

Platform dimensions: 200x90 cm

Safe working load: 180 kg (mattress included)

Weight: 100 kg Volume: 1,20 m3


Accessories (not included, to be ordered separately):

art. Med 500925, folding safety side rails

art. Med 110RD0, radiotranslucent mattress platform

art. Med 500911, lifting pole holder

art. Med 500691, I.V. rod with adjustable height

art. Med 500912, adjustable lifting pole


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