ABX Micros 60

ABX Micros 60

The most compact revolutionary innovation in Hematology

The ABX Micros 60 is derived from a new technology wich provide a signifiant improvement in diffrentiating blood cells.

It combines this technology with a rapid analysis rate, responding to the needs for precison and productivity.

The ABX Micros 60 offers you from 8 to 18 fully automated parameters, CBC / 3 Part DIFF, open or closed (in option) tube.


Overview :

  • Impedance technology, photometry
  • Microsampling : Only 10 µL
  • Smart card based memory storage (optional)
  • No compressor (stepper motor technology)

Features :

  • Measurement methods : Impedance technology, photometry
  • Liquid valves (without pinching) : Reliability and increased precision
  • No compressor (stepper motor) : Reliability, less maintenance and noise

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