Semi-automated coagulation analyser

Semi-automated coagulation analyser, the STart® is designed for all clotting tests.

Compact and user friendly, it offers an excellent reliability thanks to the Stago patented clot detection system.



All-integrated system: printer, electronically-linked pipettor, LCD screen and keyboard

Easy to use : pre-programmed applications, calibration curve storage, management of Quality Control and reagents lot numbers.






Thrombin Time

Reptilase Time

Extrinsic pathway factors

Intrinsic pathway factors


Heparin (UFH and LMWH)

Protein C

Protein S

Lupus Anticoagulant assays.

With STart® are included :

1 power cord,

1 thermal paper,

1 set of 2 reduction rings DIN 14,

1 set of 2 reduction rings DIN 18,    

1 set of reduction ring for 5 ml vial,   

1 box of 100 Finntips of 1.25 ml,     

1 box of 150 strips of 4 cuvettes,    

1 operator’s manual,

1 electronically-linked pipette,

10 x 3,15 A fuses,

1 ball vial (1850),

2 magnetic stirrers,

1 ball remover,

1 ball dispenser.

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