Cleanser Alcohol Hand Rub

Cleanser Alcohol Hand Rub

With Aloe Vera, Skin Conditioners and Moisturisers

Safe & User Friendly

Product contains aloe vera, skin conditioners and moisturisers to provide enhanced skin moisturising and conditioning. This assists in reducing skin sensitisation and irritation in environments where continual hand washing is required.

Superior Cleaning & Hygiene

Product contains boosted alcohol levels, giving superior hygiene control and more efficient cleaning action

Independent Testing

Product independently proven to be effective against a wide variety of micro-organisms such as MRSA, Hep B, Tuberculosis, HIV, Listeria & E-coli.

Available sizes:

500ml bottle hand-pump. x 6 in a carton

60 ml bottle. x 20 in a carton.

Option: Retractable blet clip for 60ml bottle.

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