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HeartSave AED-M

Portable Semi-Automatic External Defibrillator and large LCD monitor, external biphasic current controlled defibrillation, SavePads AED, Compact flashCard and Viewer.

Spoken instruction in three languages.

IP55, spray water protected.

In addition to the advantages of the AED, the AED-M is equipped with a monitor for displaying action time, ECG curve, heart rate, detected VF/VT as well defibrillations generated and BLS instructions. The high-resolution monitor ensures that the device can also be used under difficult conditions. 

A separate ECG cable and standard ECG electrodes can also be used to provide cost-effective monitoring.

Safety is guaranteed by recording each deployment, ECG, buttons operated and defibrillations.

Seamless documentation of all events relevant to the device's use is available at all times. All HeartSave devices can be updated quickly and easily with the aid of the Compact Flash Card.


The HeartSave PAD has following Certification:


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GL Noble Denton is a world class technical service provider for the oil and gas industry. We help to design, build, install and operate oil and gas onshore, maritime and offshore assets to ensure safety, sustainability and superior value.


GL Noble Denton offers design appraisal and inspection experts to identify safety-critical elements of an asset, through checking design, manufacturing, commissioning and installation of these components.


GL Noble Denton is a focussed, independent, company offering verification and certification services for offshore operations in all the major and other offshore centres. From design through construction to operation - our appraisal and inspection activities identify safety-critical aspects of an asset, whilst verifying and certifying the design through to manufacturing, commissioning and installation of the technology.

Metrax is world-wide the only manufacturer with the largest product range

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