R Series BLS and ALS Models

R Series BLS and ALS Models

R Series® BLS and R Series Plus turn on as professional AEDs with the capability to become manual defibrillators with just the touch of a button.

Capabilities for the R Series BLS include:

  • Real CPR Help®
  • Code-Readiness Testing
  • Compatibility to Sure Power® Battery System
  • OneStep Cable
  • Compact Flash Slot

Capabilities for the R Series ALS include all of the capabilities of the R Series BLS and:

  • CPR compression index
  • See-Thru CPR®
  • Smart Prompts
  • WiFi 802.11 compatibility for Defib Dashboard and CodeNet
  • USB host port
  • OneStep ECG Leads
  • OneStep Cable Manager
  • Activity Log
  • One step Pacing

Optional Equipment

R Serie BLS

MedZ38019-0535 : SurePower Lithium Battery rechargeable

MedZ38050-0030 : SurePower Charger

MedZ38000-0302 : Paper ECG

MedZ38000-0 : SpO2 finger sensor

R Serie ALS

MedZ38019-0535 : SurePower Lithium Battery rechargeable

MedZ38050-0030 : SurePower Charger

MedZ38000-0302 : Paper ECG

MedZ38000-0 : SpO2 finger sensor

MedZ38000-1 : Capnostat Capno 5

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