RESCUE Life AED Defibrillator Monitor

RESCUE Life AED Defibrillator Monitor

The combined defibrillator monitor Rescue Life is designed to be used by out-of- hospital and hospital users. Having an innovative and fully featured design, it provides for defibrillation and monitoring in a single portable device.

RESCUE Life: Manual and semiautomatic (AED) defibrillator with monitor

The combined defibrillator monitor Rescue Life is designed to be used by out-of- hospital and hospital users. Having an innovative and fully featured design, it provides for defibrillation and monitoring in a single portable device.


Brilliant, high contrast, wide-angle TFT LCD colour display allows the simultaneous visualization of up to 3 ECG channels. Information such as heart rate, SpO2 value, alarms and operational functions are clearly visible on the display even in low visibility conditions. In AED or Advisory mode, text messages and voice prompts guide the operator during the CPR operations.


Fast connection

Users can choose between ergonomic reusable paddles, suitable for the manual defibrillation in both adult and paediatric patients or disposable pads for AED defibrillation. Both types are equipped with a single fast lock connection for reliable rescue operations.The ECG can be detected via 3, 5 or 10 leads ECG cable and the optional SpO2 sensor is available for detecting blood oxygen saturation. Rescue Life can be equipped with internal reusable defibrillation paddles with interchangeable different sizes.

Memory and data management

Simple commands, extremely intuitive and easy to use. Immediate access to main setup parameters using only the trim knob and function keys.The internal memory is able to record more than 300 hours of ECG data and events.The data are recallable and printable on the integrated thermal printer. Printing can be done in manual or in automatic mode. In the automatic mode the printing initiates when the energy charging starts (recording the ECG signal before the shock) and will continue 10 seconds after the shock was delivered.

General specifications

Dimensions: 369 x 240 x 340 mm Weight: 5,5 Kg with battery Electrical: AC 100-240 VAC - 12 V car light adaptor (optional) Rechargeable 14.4 V - 2 Ah NiMh battery

Capacity: 100 shocks at 230J with battery fully charged

Software: Voice and texts multi-language . Memory: Internal flash 1 Gb up to 300 hrs of ECG data, events and usage review


Temperature: Operational -5° ~ 55° C Storage -20° ~ 70° C Relative humidity 10 ~ 95% . Isolation: ECG type CF, Defibrillation type BF . Water proof:  Class IPX4


Waveform : Bipashic Truncated Exponential (BTE) . HiCAP technology (Large storage capacitor). Impedance : Compensated, range 25 - 200 Ohm. Charge time : < 6 sec for 230 J with battery fully charged

AED Mode (optional)

Energy: Fixed energy at 150 J. Protocol: AHA 2005 CPR Guidelines with voice and text prompts. Shockable rhythms: VF with amplitude > 100 μV and VT with rhythm >150 bpm. Sensitivity: Shockable rhythm-VF > 95% Shockable rhythm-VT > 75%. Specificity: According to AHA / AAMI DF 39 Normal sinusoidal rhythm > 99%. Asystole and other non-shockable rhythms > 95%

Manual mode

Energy range: 1 - 230 J (from 1-10 J in 1 J steps; from 10 to 230 J in 10 J steps). Commands: Multifunction trim knob. Charge and shock button directly in the front panel for hands free defibrillation. Paddles: Reusable adult & paediatric defi paddles with charge/shock command Disposable defi pads and internal defi paddles (optional). Operating mode : ECG « R » wave synchro or asynchro mode. Indicators: Battery and main led indicators Clear and visible backlight color buttons


Type: High contrast TFT color LCD 5.7” (320 x 240 pixels). Information: Operational information, ECG traces, Spo2 value, parameters, Heart Rate indicator, filters, alarms and battery status

ECG monitoring

Bandwidth: 0.5 - 120 Hz (-3 db) with filters off. CMRR: > 90 db. Input impedance: > 20 Mohm

Input: - patient cable 3 leads (I,II,III), - standard Patient cable 5 leads (I,II,III,aVL,aVR,aVF), - optional Patient cable 10 leads (12 channels ECG) - optional

Gain: 5, 10, 20 mm/mV with patient cable. AUTO with pads. Velocity: 5, 10, 25, 50 mm/sec. Filters: 50/60 Hz, EMG Filter, base line. HR range: 20 - 300 bpm (~ 2%), digital readout on the display. Alarm: HR max settable 250 bpm; HR min 20 bpm

Spo2 (optional)

SpO2 range: 0 - 100%. HR range: 18 - 300 ppm. Accuracy: 70 - 100% ~ 2% for adults with finger clip sensor. Alarm: Adjustable min 65%


Type: Integrated thermal printer for ECG traces and events documentation hardcopy including HR/SpO2 values. Paper speed: 5, 10, 25 mm/sec. Paper widt : 58 mm. Operating model: Manual, automatic (10” pre and post shock recording)

External pacemaker (optional)

Type: Rectangular wave. Operating mode: Fixed on demand. Pulse rate: 0 ppm to 180 ppm, adjustable in steps of 5 ppm. Impulse duration: 22 ms. Pulse current: 0 to 180 mA adjustable in steps of 5 mA. Amplitude: Max 150 V

Standards & safety

Standard: IEC 60601-1-2-4; IEC 60601-1; IEC 60601-1-2; AAMI DF 39; Class II, type BF

CE Mark EEC 93/42: Medical device, class IIb




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