First Aid Splint Set for Fractures and Distortions

First Aid Splint Set for Fractures and Distortions

The 7 Splints of First Aid in a set


2x Finger Splints

1x Finger Base (MCP) First Aid Splint

1x Thumb Splint for Firs Aid

1x Wrist Support fro First Aid

1x Multi-Purpose Wind-up Splints (large)

1x Wind-up Leg Splint

The splints for first aid can be disinfected and reused, they can't wear longer than some hours on non-protected skin.

Why Chrisofix® splints?

Health economy:

Chrisofix® splints reduce the expenses and are time saving for both physician and patient

Advantages for patients & physicians:

Chrisofix® splints allow easy and fast (within one minute) adjustable immobilisation with the necessary stability

Fine correction (e.g. after reduction of soft tissue swelling) can be performed even without removing the splint

Chrisofix® splints are light and comfortable to wear

Chrisofix® splints are transparent to X-rays

Materials & production:

The materials used on the surface of these splints are skin friendly and non allergenic, the metal press-studs in contact with the skin are nickel-free

The plastic surfaces of Chrisofix® splints are made from environmental friendly polyethylene, polyamide, or polyurethane

Chrisofix® splints are manufactured according to EEC recommendations for medical devices and each of them is delivered with the CE mark.

Chrisofix® splints are transparent to X-rays


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