First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Shockproof ABS case, Orange color, Wall support included

This First Aid Kit is an ABS case composed of two equal parts complete with internal partitions for better settlement of contents; wall support, closing with 2 swivel clips, dustproof thanks to neoprene seal.

Dimensions : 335x250x123

Total weight : Kg.2,80.

It contents :

2 pairs of sterile gloves

1 antiseptic solution ml.125 IODOPOVIDONE – 10% PMC iodine

1 bag of sterile physiological solution 250ml CE

3 packs of sterile gauze cm.18x40

3 packs of sterile gauze cm.10x10

1 sterile tweezers

1 pack of cotton wool

1 Plastosan – 20 assorted adhesive plasters

1 adhesive plaster roll 5m x 2,5cm

2 gauze bandage cm. 3,5x10cm

1 pair of scissors cm 14,5 DIN 58279

1 haemostatic lace

1 ICE PACK disposable instant ice pack

1 disposable waste bag mm250x350mm

1 sterile blanket cm 40 x 60 DIN 13152-BR

1 PIC3 case contents: 3 soap bags, 3 antiseptic wipes, 2 ammonium wipes

1 triangular TNT bandage cm 96x96x136

2 sterile gauze pads mm80x100 DIN 13151 M

2 gel for single burn application 3,5 gr -sterile

1 isothermic blanket gold/silver cm160x210

1 guidance leaflet in 5 languages.

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