Workplace Specials from SÖHNGEN®

Workplace Specials from SÖHNGEN®

The product content for each case begins with the German DIN 13 157. Each case is then stocked with high quality first-aid products, each carefully selected to satisfy the particular demands of the specific occupation.

First-Aid Workplace Special

MedS0360101 : Building Site

MedS0360103 : Hotel

MedS0360104 : Wood Works

MedS0360106 : Laboratory

MedS0360108 : Metal Work

MedS0360109 : Food Industry

MedS0360110 : Administration

MedS0360113 : Electrics

MedS0360116 : Church & Vicarage

MedS0360123 : Banks

MedS0360127 : Wharehouse

MedS0360505 : Industry

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Technical Information

• MT-CD Case 400 x 300 x 150 mm

• Weight: 6 kg

• Manufactured using high grade ABS material

• Guaranteed longevity, durability

• High mechanical and tensile solidity

• Temperature resistance, splashproof and a high chemical resistance

• Rubber sealing hygienically protects the sensitive medical equipment against dust and dirt

• Flexible inner partitioning

• Security seals

• Wall brackets

• 90° stop-arrest system enables stationary and mobile use

• Rotary locking system

• Transparent inner lid covers

• Rounded edges and corners

• Screened lettering and pictograms

• Sturdy carrying handle

• 5-year spare part guarantee •

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