Delivery Couch, 3 sections, Trendelenburg position

Delivery Couch, 3 sections, Trendelenburg position

With Rising Brackets and TR-RTR movements

Specific Informations :

Epoxy coated silver grey coloured oval tube structure, 50x25 mm, modern hi-tech finishing.

Sections covered with high density fire retardant imitation leather class 1 IM.

Adjustabe sections with self-locking system (backrest inclination 70°, seat part in Trendelenburg position 45°).

Supplied with stainless steel basin, pair of anatomical thigh rests made of polyurethane foam rubber and 2 adjustable feet.

Includes :

1 x Pair of firm holders

1 x Shoulder stand

1 x Blank tray and gas bottle holder

1 x Monitor support

1 x fire-retardant mattress

1 x IV Rod

1 x Radiotranslucent platform,

Size : 181x60x83 cm,

Net weight : about 40 kgs.

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