Ri-scope® L2 ophthalmoscope

Ri-scope® L2 ophthalmoscope

The enhanced basic model with separately engageable red-free, blue and polarization filters for each aperture.

The best ri-scope® of all times!

ri-scope® L Ophthalmoscopes – New standards for eye and ear diagnostics!

  • These completely new instruments were developed with input from doctors to set new standards for optical quality, ergonomics and performance options.

Developing exact diagnostic instruments to the highest level is Riester`s aim.

  • The ri-scope® L opens a new era of high-performance and user-friendly
    diagnostic instruments. Li-ions/LED technology and new high-performance
    instruments signifi cantly reduce costs while improving both effectiveness
    and reliability. Essentially improved optics and functions of the instrument.

LED illumination – Bright, white light with a nearly unlimited lifetime!

  • With its monochromatic white light (reference color temperature = 5.500° Kelvin)
    the lamp in the ri-scope® L provides cold light and true-color, even illumination
    of the area under examination.
  • Lamps with LED technology have a lifetime of at least 10,000 hours
    (compared to 20-30 hours with halogen and Xenon lamps) and are extremely
  • LED illumination is available with all Riester E.N.T. instruments and ri-derma® with lithium batteries or Li-ion batteries with alternative handles, Types C or AA.

Li-ion batteries – greatest power in the smallest space!

  • Considerably higher charging capacity, longer lifetime, light-weight –
    these are the big advantages of the ri-scope® L with Li-ion and Libatteries.
  • Li-ions batteries provide sustained high performance for up to 1200 charging
    cycles, with no memory effect and hardly any self-discharge. LEDs powered by lithium batteries can burn for up to 50 hours.

rheotronic® technology – Effective and safe light adjustment.

  • Patented technology for LEDs and bulbs. 100% light output after short switch
    activation, continuously variable light adjustment and automatic safety shut-down.


ri-scope® L2

The enhanced basic model with separately engageable red-free, blue  and polarization filters for each aperture.

  • Diopter wheel with 29 corrective lenses
  • Plus 1-10, 12, 15, 20, 40; Minus 1-10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35
  • Easy-to-operate aperture hand-wheel with semi-circle, small/medium/large circle, fixation star, and slit
  • Includes filter wheel engageable for all apertures with symbol display, red-free filter, blue filter and polarization filter
  • Optimized high-performance optics with aspherical condenser lens
  • Parallel beam path
  • Dust-proof
  • ri-scope® L2 ophthalmoscope, XL 3.5 V
    with anti-theft security

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