Emergency Backpack System Profil

Emergency Backpack System Profil

Space maximization, quality made and unique ergonomic weight transfer system all in one



Colour: Red with white neon reflection strips

Material: Water resistant Tarpaulin with urethane coating

Size: ca. 500 x 350 x 250 mm

Weight: max. empty ca. 6,5kg / max. filled ca. 14,5kg

Capacity: ca. 54 Litre

Cleaning: Standard, non-aggressive liquid detergent or surface disinfectant.



The PROFiL Emergency Backpack can be purchased empty or stocked to your own individual requirements.

We recommend the international recognised German Emergency Standard DIN 13232 which is divided into 3 parts A, B + C (interchangable).

A: Contains standard medical equipment for emergency situations.
B: Additional medical equipment for the emergency treatment of adults.
C: Additional medical equipment for the emergency treatment of baby‘s and small children.

All PROFiL Emergency Backpacks stock Part A products as basic equipment to which the other parts as well as the oxygen cylinders can be ordered additionally.



Variations :

0406060 Empty Including 5 pouches and O2 bracket


0406062 Filled, Parts A + B

0406063 Filled, Parts A + B + O2 1L

0406064 Filled, Parts A + B + O2 2L


0406065 Filled, Parts A + C

0406066 Filled, Parts A + C + O2 1L

0406067 Filled, Parts A + C + O2 2L

Adult & Children

0406068 Filled, Parts A + B + C

0406069 Filled,  Parts A + B + C + O2 1L

0406070 Filled, Parts A + B + C + O2 2L


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