Standard Oxygen Emergency Case

Standard Oxygen Emergency Case

Resuscitation, Oxygen, Injection, Dressing Materials

A popular choice amongst GP’s and local practitioners, the STANDARD combines the best attributes of an emergency case with those of a standard response bag.

Made from strong 1,0 mm aluminium alloy with a transparent anodized finish. All corners have aluminium welded shock absorbers for additional durability and secu- rity. Additional strap, convenient carrying handle, lever fasteners that can be lead sealed, rubber sealing around lid and adjustable rastflex-partitioningssystem.

In top case shell, alubond-plate with ampoule holders and rubber loops to hold in- struments and accessories in place. Varioflex-ampoule-storage-system, one row, 24 elastic ampoule holders in 6 colours with corresponding colour bands for lettering.

Bottom case shell fitted with adjustable dividers that allow the user to arrange the cases contents accordingly to their own requirements.

Screened lettering ‚Emergency‘ with coloured pictograms of the function groups.

Measurements 400 x 350 x 130 mm.

Weight ca. 6,0 kg, with oxygen ca. 7,5 kg. Empty ca. 3,7 kg.


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