Water-Jel Blankets

Water-Jel Blankets

Fire Blankets


The highly practical Water Jel rescue blankets are likewise available in different sizes to allow for use in the most varied of application situations. These can be used for patient care, personal care or even as fire extinguishing blankets.

For safe-keeping you can choose between the foil packing for space-saving storage or the robust transport canister with optional wall mounting.


Examples of Application:

Water Jel Burn Wrap 91 x 76 cm : Upper body of adult / whole body of a small child

Water Jel Fire Blanket 183 x 152 cm : Whole body of adult

Water JelHeat Shield 244 x 183 cm : Whole body of adult +

In addition to this Water Jel blankets can be used to extinguish patients who are on fire and on small fires. They can also be applied to provide protection against high levels of temperature.

The above examples are only a small cross section of the uses for Water Jel Blankets.



Water-Jel Fire Blankets offer one of the quickest, easiest and most direct methods of administering emergency first aid burn care. When placed on a victim, gel-soaked blankets ease the pain, cool the burn, and help protect against airborne contamination all in one easy step. They can also be used to extinguish flames on a victim, put out small fires. 

The Fire Blankets are composed of a 100% worsted wool carrier with an intercellular weaver capable of absorbing up to 13x its own weight. The wool is soaked in a water based, water soluble gel that is bacteriostatic and biodegradable.

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