DL1S - DrugLab 1 Special for Solids and Urine

DL1S - DrugLab 1 Special for Solids and Urine

DrugLab for Solids & Urine Onsite


This easy to use kit tests for a range of solid drugs, powders, paraphernalia, and urine too. Comprehensive pack. Immunoassay technology, so very accurate. Ideal for companies, bars, customs, police and wherever drugs need to be checked or detected.

Kit Includes :

10 x 5 Drug Multipanels

33 x Extraction Buffers

1 x Box of Latex Gloves (50 pairs)

10 x Cotton Swabs

3 x Forceps

1 x Urine Collection Cup - with temperature strip

23 x Single Tests (customer to specify)

1 x Breakup Solution (15ml)

3 x Waste Bags

3 x Sample Containers

10 x Cleaning Tissues

1 x Permanent Marker

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