Inject S - Syringe Infusion Pump

Inject S - Syringe Infusion Pump

Pumps for Syringe Infusion with Double Syringe


Power supply: 220 Vac 60Hz

Battery duration: 2 h at 200 ml/h 8 h at 5 ml/h

Dimensions: 305 x 195 x h135 mm [12.00 x 7.67 x h5.31 in]

Weight: 2.6 kg [5.73 lbs]

Infusion volume limit: 0,1 at 99,9 ml with intervals of 0,1 ml/h - 100 at 999 ml with intervals of 1 ml/h

Total volume: unlimited

Precision with approved syringes: yes

Compatible syringes: 10/20/30/50/60/100 ml of top brands

Occlusion pressure: adjustable

Bolus: adjustable

Alarms: no control, low battery, very low battery, occlusion, pre-alarm, KOR (KVO), end of infusion, empty syringe, internal error

Functioning temperature: from +5 to +40 °C [from +41 to +104 ºF]

Intuitiveness and easy use

Access to the parameters simplified by a numerical keyboard

Maximum infusion limit extended up to 1500 ml/h

Automatic and manual bolus function

Set up menu allows the personalisation of the pump

The anti-bolus function and anti-siphon, which increase the safety of the patient

The titling allows the change of the infusion parameters without interruption

All of the principal syringe brands from 10 to 100 ml are compatible

The pharmaceutical records contain 15 names, that can be up dated by a doctor

Alpha-numeric 16 character display

Acoustic and visual alarms in case of occlusion, end of subministration and low battery

Many parameters can be recalled on the display at any moment

Options for special operations menu set-up: total infused volume, infusion limit, automatic bolus, bolus programme, brand of the syringe shown on display, KOR display, saves automatically, titling, standby, password, key sound

Special characteristics: adjustable modes of infusion, syringe size detector, syringe configuration set, drug list configuration, date and time on the display

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