Digital* Mobile X-Ray POX-100BT

Digital* Mobile X-Ray POX-100BT

The Poskom POX- 100BT has a powerful strength of 100 mA and ideal design for mobile application. Experience high imaging resolution, user-friendly operation and smooth movement.

The Poskom POX-100BT has a powerful strength of 100 mA and ideal design for mobile application.

Strong output power of 5.0 kW and excellent high frequency technology produce clean, sophisticated X-ray images.

Diverse angles and up-and-down head tilt enable optimal positioning.

Big and stable wheels support safe and smooth movement.

The system can be transported and installed by a single person and technical calibration is very simple.

Operated by rechargeable battery.

* Converted to digital with the DR Detector (Accessories)

Technical Specifications

Generator Type : 5.0kW, 50kHz high frequency inverter type micro-processor controller

kV Range : 40-110kV, 1.0kV increment

mA Range : 20-100mA, variable

mAs Range : 0.1-100mAs, 38 selections

Console& Display: LCD display, technical value indication/ Anatomical, Density, Grid/Non-Grid/ Preset Tech, Store Switch

Software : 330 APR program, Remote Control Software

X-Ray tube : Fixed anode type, 1.5mm Focal Spot size

Collimator : Manual operation, Double slit type

X-Ray field size : 35cm x 35cm @1m SID

Auto Compensation : Line voltage comp. +- 10%

Power Requirement : Free voltage (100-264 Vac), SIngle phase, 50/60Hz

Net weight : 140 kg

Size (LxWxH) : 652 x 636 x 1364 mm

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