Ri-integral flex Macintosh F.O. blade

Ri-integral flex Macintosh F.O. blade

Flexible blade with integrated F.O. light conductor

Riester F.O. laryngoscopes pave the way for the future. XL illumination technology, highquality fiber optics and special blade design ensure optimum visibility and simple intubation.

  • With XL 3.5 V or 2.5 V xenon lamp for bright, white light.
  • Lamp integrated into the handle with metal contacts simplifies
    autoclaving of the blades.
  • Optimum light transmission thanks to fiber optics, with extrastrong fiber bundles.
  • Macintosh F.O. and Miller F.O. blades with integrated light
    conductor and optional Macintosh F.O. blade with removable light conductor.
  • Long service life with autoclaving cycles of 134° C for 5 minutes.*
  • Stainless steel blades with refined surface finish, easy-to-clean blade surface.
  • Special blade designs offer excellent visibility of the vocal chords and epiglottis and simplify insertion of the endotracheal tube.
  • Choice of charging handles or battery handles type AA or type C for charging in the charging base ri-charger® or non-rechargeable.
  • All blades are compatible with handles complying with ISO 7376.
  • Hard and soft cases are available for individual combinations of up to five blades and one handle.


  • Flexible blade with integrated F.O. light conductor.
  • With bendable distal end.
  • Outstanding light intensity with XL xenon illumination. Improved light transmission through extra-strong fiber bundles.
  • New blade design for simple intubation: good visibility of the inlet of the larynx and vocal chords, reduced pressure in the pharyngeal area, minimised risk of injury.
  • Available either in sizes 3 or 4.

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