Cuffed Tracheal Tube

Cuffed Tracheal Tube

Cuffed Tracheal Tube



C-F size 3 not cuffed - DG80531K

C-F size 3,5 not cuffed - DG80536K

C-F size 4 not cuffed - DG80541K

C-F size 4,5 - DG80545K

C-F size 5 - DG80550K

C-F size 5,5 - DG80555K

C-F size 6 - DG80560K

C-F size 6,5 - DG80565K

C-F size 7 - DG80570K

C-F size 7,5 - DG80575K

C-F size 8 - DG80580K

C-F size 8,5 - DG80585K

C-F size 9 - DG80590K


The tracheal tube C-F is ideal for intubations of either short or medium duration.

The cuff makes intubations more simple and is opaque for easy visualization.

A special coating makes it smooth and non-traumatising, making it easy to both put on and take off.

Both the internal diameter and the length are indicated on the tube in millimetres and centimetres respectively.

Single, sterile packs.


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