DGX 02

DGX 02

Laryngeal Mask


Available at last and at an accessible price, the disposable laryngeal mask DGX 02 which offers numerous advantages:

eliminates all possibility of infections being transmitted between patients

flexible optic fibre makes access easy

thanks to the semi-transparent tube, condensation is clearly visible

does not induce laryngeal spasms

reduces the risk of obstruction of the upper respiratory tracts

laryngoscope is no longer necessary

lesser incidences of hypoxia

DGX 02 size 1 - RM10601C

DGX 02 size 2 - RM10602C

DGX 02 size 3 - RM10603C

DGX 02 size 4 - RM10604C

DGX 02 size 5 - RM10605C

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