Riester Laryngoscope handle

Riester Laryngoscope handle

Battery handles type AA for charging in the ri-charger® charging base


The sturdy handles are the basis of every reliable examination.

Well thought-out ergonomics ensures comfortable handling.

  • Solid handles made of chromium plated metal.
  • Fluted handle surface for hygienic usage and a secure grip in the hand.
  • Practically wear-free, standard holding fixture for the blade.
  • Solid metal contact for reliable activation of illumination.
  • Simple change of batteries at the base of the handle.
  • Choice of battery handles available for charging in the richarger® charging base or non-rechargeable handles in the sizes type AA or type C, respectively.
  • All Riester laryngoscope handles are standardized.


  • For two batteries type AA or a ri-accu® rechargeable NiMH battery.
  • Simple charging in the ri-charger® charging base.
  • Handle diameter: 19 mm.
  • Handles for F.O. laryngoscopes including lamp.
  • ri-accu® rechargeable NiMH battery not supplied.

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