Reflotron Plus Dry Chemistry Analyzer

Reflotron Plus  Dry Chemistry Analyzer

In vitro diagnostic device to determine blood chemistry results

Reflotron® Plus delivers test results comparable to standard central laboratory results in two to three minutes per parameter.

With the support of Reflotron® Plus for your treatment recommendations and for improving patient compliance, the effectiveness of your practice will increase and your patients' loyalty will be strengthened.



Dimensions: : Approx. 300 x 350 x 210 mm

Weight: : Approx. 5.3 kg

Power Supply: : 115 – 230 V AC

Measuring Principle: : Measuring the reflectance with the aid of an Ulbricht Sphere using a reference beam for compensation.

Measuring Temperature: : 37.0°C ± 0.1°C, conversion to 25°C and 30°C possible

Ambient operating conditions: : Temperature: +15°C to +34°C, relative humidity: max. 95%

Navigation via Display: : Alphanumeric - 2 lines of 24 characters

Data Interfaces: : 5-pin DIN socket: keyboard interface - 1 RS 232 C serial, DB 25 socket for data transfer to external computer

Storage of Patient Data: : Up to 60 measurement results with date, time and patient/sample identification, non volatile storage

Integrated Software: : LDL calculation, CHOL/HDL ratio, cardiac risk calculator, creatinine clearance.


1) Apply Simple :

For most tests whole blood can be directly used besides serum or plasma. There is no need to prepare reagents or to calibrate the instrument.

2) Insert Test Strp :

Just insert the test trip into the Reflotron measuring chamber. A test specific magnetic code recognizes the parameter of interest.

3) Read the result just 2 to 3 minutes later :

All further processing is done automatically by the instrument within 2 to 3 minutes, 18 to 30 tests per hour can be performed. The results are shown on the display, documented via the integrated printer and are also stored ti the internal memory for further processing.

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