Stretcher Spencer 530 Tec

Stretcher Spencer 530 Tec

Compact Multi-level Semi-automatic Stretcher


Length: 1970 mm[77.55 in]

Width: 590 mm [23.22 in]

Weight: 39 kg [85 lbs]

Load capacity: 180 kg [396 lbs]

Wheels: 200 mm [7.87 in]

Brakes: posterior

Reclining sidebars

Length: 630 mm [24.80 in]

Height: 210 mm [8.26 in]

The new Spencer 530 is a complete and solid stretcher able to rewrite the parameters of excellence for its category.

No-one before has paid such care and attention to new technology.

No other stretcher has such harmonious design, seven different loading heights, innovative safety features, comfort for both patients and operators.

It is all designed and made in Europe, to satisfy the requirements of those who are never fully satisfied in rescue.

The Spencer 530 stretcher is supplied with two straps model STX 702.

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