Hydra Evo Class N loads

Hydra Evo Class N loads

Vacuum steam autoclave 20 liters - N Class


Dimensions : 442 x 385 x 500 mm
Weight : 35 kgs
Main Voltage : 220V - 50/60 Hz
Absorbed power : 1,3 kW
Chamber diameter : 243 mm
Chamber depth : 320 mm
2 sterilization cycles: possibility of choosing two cycles at 134°C or 121°C. 
Fully automatic preheating, sterilization and drying phases. 
Closure system with operator safety pin. Thermodynamic system for expelling “cold” air pockets. 
Chamber made entirely of stainless steel, with band-type heating element to guarantee even heating. 
4 aluminium trays.


B CLASS : Sterilization of all instruments including those that are hollow and porous.

N CLASS : Sterilization of all instruments including those that are hollow and porous, solid, flat or unwrapped.

S CLASS : include hollow typeB bodies as well as resistant thermoplastics, wrapped and unwrapped solid materials.



Autoclaves certified for type N loads include solid, flat, unwrapped instruments.

Electronic control with digital display of times and temperature.

Control of the sterilization cycle through microprocessor equipped with continuous systemic reading.

Control of functionality, the autoclave blocks in case of lack or inappropriate quantity of water inside the chamber.

New design, the aspect is simple and practical, but with more attention to the finishes.


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