Oscilla® Audioconsole

Oscilla® Audioconsole

Oscilla Audioconsole software

Oscilla® AudioConsole is a software program designed to be used with Oscilla® audiometers and tympanometers. AudioConsole is included with PC-based USB audiometers USB-100 og USB-300-xxx and may be bought as an optional extra for Oscilla® SM audiometers and TSM tympanometers.

AudioConsole comprise many useful features, which combined with Oscilla® products form a unique solution:

  • Intuitive user interface which makes the operation easy and swift.
  • Patient database with search/sorting functionality among other.
  • Numerous ways of customizing the program for Your individual needs.
  • Superior reporting functionality. You may use a predefined report or customize it with Your logo and language etc. The reports may be printed or saved as a PDF file.
  • Flexible and future-proof technical platform, which makes it easy to adapt/extend AudioConsole. This gives us better tools to apply customer demands in AudioConsole.
  • AudioConsole features a certified built-in NOAH module, that makes it possible to use all Oscilla® audiometers and tympanometers except SM-910 and SM910-B (no serial port) with NOAH.

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