Oscilla® Audiometer Diagnostic

Oscilla® Audiometer Diagnostic

Oscilla SM960-D

Oscilla® SM960-D is a diagnostic memory audiometer with numerous features when conducting diagnostic hearing tests.

The audiometer supports 3 automatic hearing tests (20 dB, 20 dB random and Hughson Westlake), Bone Conduction and 3 types of masking including Narrow Band Masking.

Other features include built-in talk through and talk back monitor.

The audiometer may also be connected to a printer through the parallel port and transfer measurement data to software programs like Audioconsole through the serial port.



  • 11 frequencies: 125 - 8000 Hz (selectable)
  • -10 dB to 110 dB in steps of 1 or 5 dB
  • 2 channels
  • Masking: Narrow Band, Speech, Noise and White noise
  • Free field
  • Insert
  • ABLB
  • SISI
  • Pulse tone
  • Warble tone
  • Talk through / talk back
  • Manual and automatic test
  • Serial and Parallel port
  • Programable setup functions for additionel features
  • AC Adapter 12V(220-240 V)


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