Alpha® Rollboard Vision

Alpha® Rollboard Vision

New generation of transfer aids offering versatile properties


Material Rollboard : Polyethylene

Material cover : Nylon

Load max : 200 kg (optional 300 kg)

Available in different colors

Available in three sizes

Can be folded easily

Can be used with x-rays and MRIs

Nowhere the new Alpha® Rollboard Vision is outstanding with its ease of handling and its uncompromising safety during transfer and care combined with top quality, shape and function.

Take advantage of all possible transfer options with the Alpha® Rollboard Vision and the versatile properties offered by this new generation of transfer aids. The Alpha® Rollboard Vision combines size and value in its ability to handle the average size and weight of pa- tients in Europe.

During the development of the Alpha® Rollboard Vision the demands on products for hospitals, clinics and other health facilities were taken into account along with the profes- sional experience of people in the caring professions


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