MELAdem® 40

MELAdem® 40

The reasonably priced ion exchanger

With MELAdem 40 you can produce high-quality demineralized water (aqua dem) for a low price directly in the practice.

According to the ion exchange principle, contaminating ions in the tap water (e.g. calcium, magnesium etc.) are removed from the water and replaced by hydrogen and hydroxyl ions.

MELAdem 40 then supplies high-quality demineralized water. MELAdem 40 can even be directly connected to the MELAG autoclaves Pro-Class and then automatically provide sufficient high-quality demineralized water for every sterilization.


Unit outside: Width: 32 cm x Depth: 15 cm x Height: 35 cm
Weight (filled with resin): 2,4 kg
Possible yield of one filling
for 600 µS/cm tap water quality:
approx. 120 litres

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