Pura System

Pura System

Osmosis System Device


Width : 350 mm

Height: 300 mm

Depth : 150 mm

Weight : 3,5 kg

Main voltage : 230 V 50 Hz

Max power absorption : 20 W

The osmosis system is recognised as the best method, ensuring treated water free from impurities and hard particles in order to protect the workings of the autoclave.

The system allows for a direct connection with the autoclave, ensuring service and a reduction in costs relating to the purchase of distilled water.

The Pura osmosis system is an extremely compact osmosis device designed for connection directly to the autoclave, to guarantee a constant supply of pure water.

The system can be installed in a number of positions to facilitate mounting and the optimum organisation of the available space.

Pura is fitted with a series of osmotic membranes and filters, with an average duration of between 600 and 800 litres, depending on the original hardness of the water.

The cartridge should therefore need replacing about once a year, or after 600/700 cycles. Changing the filter is an extremely simple process and can easily be carried out by the users.

The overall cost of the filters is very reasonable, and the cost per litre is therefore almost negligible. 
When the Pura system is not producing water, it is not pressurized, and this avoids all kinds of problems caused.

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